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Martyn Brown from Marketing Bugle based in Bournemouth
Martyn Brown from Marketing Bugle based in Bournemouth

There's a lot said about web hosting and which one is the best.

Technically, you could go as deep as you like to ensure that your business gets the 'power' and performance that it needs.

However, you can have the best website in the world built with all the bells and whistles but, if nobody visits, then what's the point?

There is an argument that the best idea is to keep your website simple but with key elements that enable you to convert more visitors into hot leads and, of course, this needs to be taken into account.

Many start-ups go for the no-cost or cheapest hosting and think that they are covered but, they are taking the wrong road right from the start by doing this.

The search engines, including Google, can tell if you're hosting on a free platform by the IP address that you're sharing with a few thousand other websites and so realises that you don't take your business so seriously (who would trust a free service for their business?).  I've never seen a free hosted website rank, have you?

All in all, you need to have something that loads your pages fast (from July 2018 Google are insisting that you have pages that load in under 3 seconds or they may not rank you) so, ideally, you should be running your website on SSD solid state systems rather than conventional 'slow' spinning hard drives.

You need bandwidth that increases when you need it and decreases when you don't (this saves costs).  Any sudden surge of visitors in this case won't slow down or stop your site from running.

You need security so that hackers can't get in and break your site.

Your site needs to be backed up.

It would be good to have several 'mirrored' versions of your website around the world so that everyone gets the best performance from your pages.  Also, if one instance breaks, the others can take over without any loss of service.

Space is valuable and where you'll need enough for as may pages as you care to create.

Once you have all this in place and your website built, you'll need to gain new leads to turn into real customers.

ALL of the above can be done for you by us here at Marketing Bugle, the service with that personal touch where we keep in touch.

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